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Peelwood Creative is Jo Bertini and Thomas Studer. Jo is a painter, teacher, camel-wrangler, adventurer, dreamer and full-time resident of the deserts of the world. Thomas is a songwriter, photographer, film-maker, lighting designer, renovator of historic bathrooms and expert in guiding boats in a backwards direction. Together they explore the world, near and far, and document it's marvels of beauty and sobering reality through paint, music and video. 


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Jo Bertini is a master teacher of painting technique and, more importantly, a master teacher of artistic intent and concept. Her painting workshops leave participants refreshed with inspiration,  renewed vitality and motivation like they've never experienced before. Master-level professional students walk away in awe of Jo's generosity as a teacher- she shares all the insights and techniques that she has accumulated over her 30 year career.  


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