Materials List


Drawing Materials

Any drawing mediums you are happy to draw with- pencils, inks, oil pastels, crayons, etc.

Painting materials

Any painting mediums you wish to work with- acrylics, oils, watercolours, gouaches, etc.
Bring as large a range of colours and mediums as you are happy to work with.

Working Materials

Brushes; bring your usual, i.e. oil & water painting brushes of varying sizes and soft or coarse bristle / hair types.
Coloured chalks
Palettes; old dishes, and plates etc.
Large jar or container for water
Palette knife if required
Old rags
Mediums solvents (ie turps if you are using oils)

Papers and canvases or boards

Bring a selection of different papers for sketching and studies as well as water workable (ie water- colour) papers
Selection of VERY WELL PRIMED (ie; 3 or 4x primed) surfaces for finished paintings.

Contact us If you have any questions…