Landscape Painting with Jo Bertini Oct. 19-21 2018 $450

Landscape Painting with Jo Bertini Oct. 19-21 2018 $450


Landscape painting workshop with Jo Bertini at the legendary Ghost Ranch. The landscape that provided endless inspiration for Georgia O’Keeffe. The stunning Ghost Ranch Arts Center will be our private studio for three breath-taking days. One-on-one mentoring, “en plein air” painting in once-in-a-lifetime settings, studio practice, immersing oneself in a land that absolutely vibrates with beauty as well as the incredible history of indigenous Puebloans, Apaches, Utes and Navajos, conquistadors, colonists, ghosts, and yes, artists.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at time of enrollment, or you may pay in full. If you opt to pay the deposit, the remaining $350.00 is due on October 8th. Payments (except non-refundable deposit) may be refunded until October 8th. After October 8th no payments will be refunded. For more info, email or call (505)450-8361.

About Jo…

Jo Bertini is an award winning, established Australian artist. She is a painter, art educator, lecturer and writer. She is known internationally for her paintings and drawings of desert landscapes, people and animals. Her work has been acquired by private and public collections both nationally and internationally and is on display in many public art galleries, museums and institutions. She has a history of thirty years as a professional exhibiting artist. Her paintings have been curated in hundreds of solo, group and touring exhibitions, including exhibitions in Australia, China, Malaysia, USA and India. She has been widely published and reproduced and her work is included in films and television documentaries and programs. She has been awarded many art prizes, commissions and public art installations for museums, corporations and city councils and many unique international artist residencies. For ten years she worked as an Expedition Artist on scientific and ecological survey expeditions into the most remote and inaccessible desert regions of Australia. A published art book, ‘Fieldwork - Jo Bertini’ celebrates her long and intimate engagement with the Australian desert. She continues to focus her artistic interests on desert people and places, painting and working in some of the most remote and inaccessible desert regions of the world.

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The Ghost Ranch Arts Center

is a fully equipped studio with restrooms, sinks and kitchen. A full complement of chairs, tables, easels are supplied. Coffee, tea, water and a selection of light refreshments will be provided.

What’s Not Included

Supplies are not included. Participants must provide all painting supplies and materials.

Lodging is not included. Hotel accommodations are limited in this area. Ghost Ranch is currently is fully booked except for camping. Abiquiu Inn is also currently booked but it wouldn’t hurt to check both for any cancellations. Out here, Airbnb and similar sites are the hot option- they offer many wonderful and quite special lodging options. Let us know if you’re interested in sharing an Airbnb house with other participants and we’ll do what we can to connect you. Click the link for some Airbnb options-

Meals are not included. Ghost Ranch dining hall, a short walk away from the Arts Center, serves three meals a day and is available to workshop participants. Our daily schedule will be planned around the Ghost Ranch meal schedule so that participants can take advantage of this pay-as-you-go option-

Breakfast 7:30-8:30am $10
Lunch 12-1:00pm $12
Dinner 5:30-6:30pm $14

Transportation is not included. Participants are responsible for all transportation. Please contact us for information on transport options.